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Two Year Look at Raleigh Home Prices

A strong Buyer’s Market does not necessarily mean that it is not a good time to sell your home.

Likewise, a strong Seller’s Market does not necessarily mean it is a bad time to buy a home.

We suggest contacting a top Raleigh Real Estate Professional for advice. It’s a hot market out there right now, we partner with several of the best realtors in the Triangle – so please contact us for realtor referral information.

National trends don’t help you very much. This chart reflects local trends in Raleigh, NC.

Market Prices

30 = Balanced Market
Over 30 = Seller’s Market
Under 30 = Buyer’s Market

Market divided into four groups:

Black Line: Represents Most Expensive Homes
Orange Line: Represents Upper Middle Segment of Market
Green Line: Represents Lower Middle Segment of Market
Blue Line: Represents Least Expensive Homes

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