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CIMG Statement of Support

CIMG Friends & Neighbors,

As we’ve mourned and reflected on the unconscionable deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others over these past few weeks, we wanted to ensure that our statement of outrage was coupled with a substantive action plan. We aim to walk the thin line between ceding the stage and listening, with our responsibility to use our platform to bring about change.

We see ourselves as a small business with a big responsibility to our communities. As you know, we live where we loan, and it’s been heartbreaking to see so many of our friends and neighbors hurting over these past few weeks. We want you to know that we see you, we hear you, and that Black Lives Matter.

We’ve thought a lot about housing, and the support and stability that comes with it. Unfortunately, this piece of the American Dream is not immune to discrimination and racism. In North Carolina, between 2000-2018, the most common basis of discrimination listed in official complaints was racial discrimination.

Which is why we’ll be donating to The Fair Housing Project of Legal Aid North Carolina, who works to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity for all people through education, outreach, public policy initiatives, advocacy and enforcement. In addition to our immediate donation, we will be annually supporting this fund with the full understanding that systemic change will only occur through multi-generational efforts of education, financial support, and social advocacy.

We encourage you to learn more about this incredible organization and, if you’re able, make your own contribution to their important cause. www.FairHousingNC.org

Jeremy M. Salemson
Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc.

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