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It’s move in day! I am so excited to get in our new home and celebrate new beginnings. Shout outs and a BIG thank you to Cynthia Quarantello Realty Group for selling my home so quickly, for all the effort to market it so beautifully, the emotional support as we moved on and for helping me find our new Donovan Girls spot, it’s everything we wanted and more! Daniel Woodard made it possible so quickly by working so hard to secure the mortgage in a short time, helped me master the credit game to get the best rate, and gave me security knowing someone was my advocate. And last but not least, Joey Napierkowski who came and looked at so many houses with me until we found the right one, made our rental feel like a home, and now helped me transform our new house into something amazing! I am so excited to do this for my girls!

- Jill Feore Donovan, Raleigh NC

Dear Mr. Woodard,
It was so kind and thoughtful of you to assist me in getting this loan for my home when others would not help me, as well as took time from your busy schedule to pick up all the papers that were necessary for the process. I just want you to know how grateful I am for all that you did for me. With sincere gratitude for your kindness.

- The Spraling Family, Holly Springs, NC

We found that Dan and his team were very friendly and gave us prompt efficient service. Everything was upfront with no surprises. Dan Woodard was a pleasure to deal with, and we will gladly recommend his services to anyone seeking a mortgage.

– Mary and Tom S., Cary, NC

I was extremely impressed with your high level of service. Dan and Allison were unequivocally valuable for their advice. Your Mortgage Team was always there for our questions and their answers were always to our benefit. We were pleased to close in 2.5 weeks! We definitely are recommending Dan & Allison to all of our friends.

- Allison and Peter T., Wake Forest, NC

Thank you Daniel Woodard for being amazing at what you do and never having an issue with any of my clients and getting every single one of them closed on time…even if it meant working until 11pm. Also, thank you for not trying to hide your costs and being up front. Those in the industry and that know how it works really appreciate you. Looking forward to many more amazing closings with you!!!

- Ferocia Equality Demure, Coldwell-Banker Realtor

I was introduced to Dan Woodard at CIMG in 2006 from a friend and she kept saying “oh, you have to try and use Dan, he is just awesome.” I was hesitant at first due to the fact that my company has a preferred lender but I am so glad I listened to my friend. Dan has been helping my clients at my new home community, and all of my buyer clients, ever since. Dan and Allison are always available for me no matter if it is late in the evening or weekends. Their work ethic is impeccable, and with the way the mortgage industry is today, that is why I would highly recommend you to Dan Woodard and Allison Edwards.

- Susan Abshire, Coldwell-Banker Realtor

“I have worked with Dan and Allison since 2001 and they are my “go to” team when I need something done that others often won’t take the time to try. They are great with both clients who are easy qualifiers and those who maybe a few more challenges. The rates are great and they have so many programs to fit all clients’ needs! I think the most important part of any lender is their knowledge of the lending programs out there. If they cannot help the client, they are honest with them and also take the time to explain to the client what they can do to improve their chances in the future.

They have a lot of experience and it shows in each transaction. Clients always give them a thumbs up and enjoy working with them. Clients have told me over and over how quickly they call back and follow up where other companies take days. They work hard and I recommend them!”

- Dannielle Stalter, Daymark Realty

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